Marketing and Ancillary Services

Need help marketing your business? How about help with IT? Our team and network of partners is ready to help you with these critical initiatives. We offer the following marketing and business related services through our network of partners:

  • Marketing (online and offline) to grow your client base
  • Information Technology (IT) services such as phone systems, internet/WiFi, online systems, software installation, etc.
  • Graphic design services for logos, letterhead creation, company signage, etc.
  • Website design and enhancement services to improve your online presence
  • Office space acquisition and optimization to accommodate business growth or consolidation

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Tax Resolution

This has become our Niche’. This is an area that is most taxing on our clients, however we enjoy this area. We specialize in assisting those with Audits, Offers in Compromise and complicated tax matters. We review all year tax returns that are in question and will strategize in the client’s best interest. Educating the client is the key to prevent these types of situations happening. Strategy is key here. We will respond to any letter you have received from a government agency.

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Business Consultation (Development)

AHHH My favorite topic. There is always business and new adventures to be had. For those of you that are starting a business or have been in business 10 years; we offer seasonal seminars to help cultivate new ideas or help you get started with a business venture. Read More

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